Beware the Dream of Tomorrow

By Josh Howard

The dream of tomorrow is a false prophet and a seductive mistress. She offers plenty and gives nothing. She satisfies to the most infinite asymptote approaching satisfaction. She is a bootleg vendor on the streets of Manhattan selling off-brand joy.

“Monsieur, monsieur-imagine your madame with this Louis Vatton bag!”

“Roll-ex timepieces; 2 for 10 dollars!”

“And Joi! Joi to fill your heart and ease your mind-look no further!”

Life is one step after another, each more important than the last for fewer remain.

Choices are made today.

And they are much easier for it.

She is visible, in the distance to the west.

And for every step you take headed north, she takes one step north as well.

And soon you have traveled miles north for so long, and she is still just as far as she was.

Your footprints stretch out to the south as far as the eye can see and you crave the joy and you crave the satisfaction and all these miles have you traveled with no result and she is in the distance still, laughing now…

Listen closely Dorothy, for there is a bitch of a dream inside of you; a witch of a dream inside of you. But as the curtained man will tell you, there are many kinds of witches in this land. It is up to you whether she is the dream of today from the east, or the dream of tomorrow from the west.

The dream of tomorrow is masturbation

Knowing your craving, but giving frustration

Giving just enough to make it one more day

Knowing you’ll always come back that way

She is a mirage in the dunes

A beauty up ahead

A siren with her tunes

An illusion in your head


Beware the dream of tomorrow

She is just a slow path to sorrow

The peasant watches the king

And dreams a hopeful thing

He will work the field today

It won’t always be this way

It is true he’s just a peasant

But that is just the present

For the dream of tomorrow

Has joy for him to borrow

Day after day living in toil

As his youth begins to spoil

And on his deathbed, a final line

Someday, a kingship will be mine

Someday is a four letter word.

A new day dawns and you stand in line with your tray to see what life is serving today. Your actions cannot stand on their own; always having a “re” attached to their beginning. The dish you are served tomorrow is not unknowable. Your choices today are the ingredients for the dish you eat tomorrow.

Dream, my friend and dream large

But when you do; TAKE CHARGE

She will tease you, dancing out of reach the whole way

Grab her! And make your dream, the dream of today.