Density Diffusion Drink

Objective:  Create liquids with different densities, and see them respond differently to gravity and each other.Density Diffusion Drink


10 tbs (tablespoons) sugar
1 tall, narrow glass
4 mixing glasses
4 colors of food coloring
measuring cup

ProcedureDownload the Word document.

  1. Pour 1/4 cup of water into each mixing glass.
  2. Color-code the four waters with 2 drops of food coloring each.
  3. Increase the densities of the four waters uniquely by adding 1 tbs sugar, 2 tbs, 3 tbs, and 4.
    • Make sure the densities are in the order you want your colors to layer, and all sugar is dissolved.
    • Dissolving the sugar goes faster if you use warm water. However, you should let it cool before layering because warm molecules will diffuse (move and mix) faster than cold molecules.
  4. Fill one-fourth of the tall, narrow glass with the highest-density mixture.
  5. Layer the remaining colors in order of decreasing density.
    • The densities will layer cleanly if the liquid is added without force.
    • To achieve this, get eye-level with the layers and use a dropper to squeeze gentle drops directly onto the surface with no free-fall space.
    • Rinse and dry your eyedropper in between colors so you don't mess up your colors or densities.
  6. Take a picture of your artwork.
  7. If you keep it cool and don’t move it, the sugar and water molecules will take days to diffuse. When you're ready to say goodbye to your masterpiece, make the diffusion drink below.


Diffusion Drink

Beware! Your mixtures contain the amount of sugar in THREE cans of soda. Make sure you share this drink with at least two other people.

Additional materials

lemon or lime juice


  1. Pour your mixture into a pitcher, add lemon or lime juice, LOTS of water, and ice.
  2. Diffuse and enjoy.