I Feel Like a Motherless Child Sometimes


At the age of 75, Miss Carrie Johnson revisited her childhood in an effort to patch a hole in her heart. In this memoir, young Carrie shares a few delightful memories of being raised by her grandparents in Lincolnville, St. Augustine till the age of five. Then she shares seven lonely years with her unloving parents in Overtown, Miami. During that time, her mother’s disinterest and unavailability is odd and sad. The father uses his railroad employment benefits to take the family on trips to visit relatives, where Carrie sees several other loving homes in stark contrast to her own, lonely existence which becomes increasingly abusive.

After an epiphany that feeling loved is more important than parental presence, Carrie manages to return to extended family in St. Augustine for high school. Once her life settles back into her happy roots, she decides to try to win her mother’s love by making a special dinner for her in Miami on Mother’s Day. During that dinner, a phone call brings a shocking truth about her parents. The book winds down as Carrie struggles to piece together the mysteries of her life.

May 2015