Teaching Philosphy

Why I Taught Knowledge is power. Without knowledge, many citizens live in poverty and insecurity, waiting for other people to control their lives. The ultimate tragedy is that ignorant people are even ignorant of the fact that education can empower them. My mission is to reach children who are at risk of this ignorance and give them ample experiences to feel the power and confidence that knowledge brings. My daughter and her friend in Drama class.
Student-centered These empowering experiences are educational successes. They must not wait until test day, report cards, or graduation. They must begin on the first day of school. They must happen every day of school. From day one, school must feel empowering to each student. Therefore, educational content must begin where a student already has knowledge. It may take weeks to catch a student up to the beginning content standards for a course. But that time must be taken to ensure no student feels incapable. >My mad-scientist students
Learning Community Once students feel confident in their existing knowledge, they must venture into new knowledge. Stepping toward new knowledge is dangerous. It means being ignorant again. It risks embarrassment and defeat. During the hormone-laden identity crisis of adolescence, this risk can easily be far too expensive. Teens must have a safety net. They must be surrounded by supportive friends. Teachers must provide class time and experiences for students to build a supportive rapport among themselves. This, too, may take weeks at the beginning of the year. But it will pay off with months of engaged students. Group designing their own periodic table.
Student Motivation There are no lazy students; only uninspired human beings. Rigorous education is harder than most gainful employment. In fact, many teenagers believe paid work is more valuable than education because they actually receive a tangible reward, while education only offers hope of a distant return that they lack the foresight to see. Instead, they are consumed with finding their place in society. Therefore, the best motivation for youth is immediate social success. If learning is a fun social experience, students will look forward to learning.
Creative Learning Creative endeavors are a reliable vehicle for making learning fun. Most content standards can be taught through creative projects. Creative projects can also mimic applications in the real world. Students can imagine themselves in all sorts of jobs and situations as they contemplate solutions to real-world predicaments. As a result, their short-sightedness is extended into future vision full of choices. Cast of a creepy chemistry movie.