By Josh Howard

Life is short
But it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do
Nice retort
But the original statement’s still true
Time is ephemeral
Fading rapid and quick
Time is the one constant
Through the thin and the thick
Time is an oak by the interstate
A glimpse is all you’re given
Don’t take your eyes off the road
Am I driving or being driven?

Time is a race of peers through a meadow
Full of flowers of every kind
They tell you to stop and smell the roses
Then scold you for falling behind
Time is living under Freddy’s pressure
You can become a Champion, or Bite the Dust
Wasted Years result in a Fade to Black
Iron Maiden and Metallica turn to rust
Time is a sweet, warm cherry pie
Crust on the top, and 24 slices
Choose wisely who gets a piece
Consider what the price is
8 had better go to sleep
Or the others aren’t as sweet
8 more must go to the man
To put the bacon in the pan
Which leads to the edible need
2 or 3 for the man to feed
Throw in a couple for the here and there’s
For the drive-thru line and the waiting room chairs
3 slices left and you haven’t made a choice yet
One eighth left and I haven’t heard your voice yet
24 slices I started with-where did they all go?
Now choose a happier today or a better tomorrow.
Your twenties is for planning for your thirties
Your thirties for your forties, and then again
When do I enjoy my twenties-my right now’s?
You should’ve thought about that when you were ten
So I reject your directions, I choose not to beat on,
In your boat against the current, borne to the past
I reject your ceaseless, obsessive fight
I embrace the current, sail up, at full mast